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Bethany Public Library---See what's New!

Hours of Operation:  Tuesday, 10 am to 4:30 PM
Wednesday, 10 AM to 7:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM to 4:300 PM
Saturdays: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Please use the book drop (the door slot) outside of library 
hours, or e-mail or call for book renewal.
What's NEW?
Bethany LIbrary is the proud recipient of the Brownstone Book Fund's
grant of 100 new children's books. The books are stunning, high 
quality books, mostly picture books and easy readers. many thanks to 
the Brownstone Bookfund for their generosity.

Please help us welcome a new member to our staff, Mrs. Barbara 
Houghtaling. Barbara brings a lifetime of experience working with 
children to our library, and we are very glad she has joined us.

Some ongoing activities at Bethany Public Library:
Anytime: Homework Help
Weekdays (tues, weds., thurs.): Learn to surf the net and search 
Saturday mornings: Story Hour with Barbara at 10:30--stories and 

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Bethany Public Library and Historical Society
RR3 Box 650
Honesdale, PA 18431
United States

Library Search Central---Use these handy information links. The bottom few links are Kid-friendly.

Public Libraries of Wayne County
Find Wayne County's Libraries, handy links, and book search tools
American Library Association
Internet Public Library
IPL archives books for you to read online, mostly for research purposes (old manuscripts, out-of-copyright items,etc.)
Searchable Online Archive of Recipes
Find almost any recipe from any culture at this site.
Middle Ages/Rennaisance Studies---Library Resources
An excellent bibliography, links and source index for those studying the middle ages and rennaisance.
Pennsylvania Career Link
Find a Job with the State or any agency or company that uses the State's resources for hiring.
Savvy Search
The ultimate internet search tool.
Palinet is a cooperative of organizations dedicated to finding, organizing and making available any and all of mankind's information.
Copernic 2000
A program you download to search, soart and store your data. Automatically deletes dead links! Highly reccomended.
Fastest search engine available. Highly accurate results
Northern Light
Searches the web AND pay-per-view articles.
Fast Search
largest searchable index to date. Carries 1/3 of the www's sites!
Web Help
real people help you search. It takes time, but you don't have to do the sorting.
Look Smart
Uses real poeple to search, and they e-mail you the resiults the next day.
Expert Central
Another real-person search engine.
Ask Jeeves
The cute butler character fields questions that you ask in plain english
A "metasearch" site---gets results from the widest possible variety of sources.
Another metasearch engine.
Get a handily sorted results page from this search engine
Search Engine Watch
Want to know the right search engine for your needs? Get the statistics and link right to the site you want at Search Engine Watch.
A very popular search engine for kids
Kids Click
A search site for children, developed by Librarians
Ask Jeeves for Kids
A search engige that allows Kids to ask real questions in normal english.
Alta Vista
A Family Filter can be turned off or on, depending upon the needs of the viewer. Kids can search for images and music, too.
This search engine gives you the option of searching Only green-light (kid-safe) sites.
Go Gaurdian
This family-friendly search engine has a filter that can be turned off or on, however it willwarn about content even if the filter is off!